Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • Arianna has started calling Isabella, "Bella Grace."  We call her that occasionally, but you can tell AJ thinks she's hot stuff.  Everytime she says it she looks at me, knowing I'm going to smile/laugh at her.
  • Bella really likes to help clean the house.  She keeps expanding her abilities.  Today she asked for a wet paper towel, and proceeded to wipe off the dining room table, and the kitchen counter.  Then she folded all the small towels that were clean in the laundry basket.  She also will folder her own pj's, clean her room, AJ's room, and the bonus room.  I'm thinking I'll teach her to dust next!  She says she's going to do all the work so I can have play time with Arianna.
  • Arianna has become a bear to feed.  She is inconsistent in what she will eat, and when.  She grazes rather than eating meals.  She seems to think she can live on cereal and french toast sticks.
  • Both kids love doing art.  We have lots of art supplies, but I think we need to move to more craft kits.
  • AJ is sporting rug burn on her forehead.  I bet she won't climb out of her crib again anytime soon!
  • The girls have discovered wrestling/roughhousing with each other.  Anyone surprised that Arianna was the one to introduce it?
  • Mommy loves, loves, loves their developing independence.  They are doing so much more for themselves, and I encourage it anyway I can.
  • Andes Mints are nut free, have no potential for being cross contaminated.  That's the first "normal" chocolate candy I've found that is safe for AJ.  Yay!!!

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